Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger

Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger Power Pack CHARGE YOUR ADVENTURES The Venture 30 packs the power you need to keep those small devices, cameras and tablets charged no matter the elements you may be out battling. With an IPX6 weatherproof rating and 7800mAh the Venture will keep everything running smoothly. The Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger Kit is an ultra tough unit for recharging your digital devices such as tablets, phones, cameras and many more when away from any mains power source. The Venture 30 provides key energy you need to keep your devices alive and no matter the elements you may be out in the venture 30 IPX6 weatherproofing construction will keep it dry and intact so everything stays running properly. You can choose to charge the Venture 30 either from a USB source or via the solar panels. Using the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar panel (available separately), the Venture 30 will recharge in around 8-16 hours depending on conditions. It can be fully recharged via USB in around 5 hours. With dual USB sockets the Venture 30 can also recharge 2 device simultaneously too. Charging your Goal Zero Venture 30 THERE ARE 2 WAYS TO CHARGE YOUR VENTURE 30 RECHARGER The Sun - The Venture 30 can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. The Nomad 7 can recharge it in about 9 hours. USB Port - The Venture 30 can be recharged from a 2A USB Source in about 5 hours. Powering your Devices VENTURE 30 RECHARGER POWERS YOUR DEVICE BY USB - Two high-speed ports (4.8A) capable of dishing out the fastest charge possible, at the same time. Power two devices at once or share with a buddy. Integrated Flood Charge optimizes your charging time. It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero power pack as it does from the wall. Technical Specification Charge Times Nomad 7 Solar Panel: 8-16 hours Nomad 13 Solar Panel: 6-12 hours Nomad 20 Solar Panel: 5-6 Hours 2A USB Source: 5 Hours Battery Details Cell Chemistry: Li-ion NMC Cell Type: 18650 by LG chem/Samsung